Download Lumox 2 Free (Mac OS X Only)

Make sure to copy the Lumox 2 application to your /Applications folder before running.
Lumox 2 is now 100% free. If you love Lumox 2, please consider tipping the developers with crypto:

LTC: LY8UogmNw4Lu7zZYsPL6FLPs1ZNjvA8Jce
ETH: 0xbf2AF4Adf6192aF191312baB494d331Efe6119a6

"Lumox 2 is breathtaking just to look at, and very, very engrossing to play. " -- Mac World

"Lumox 2 delivers an excellent gameplay experience that is both fun and addictive." -- Rated 8.25/10 -- Inside Mac Games

Lumox 2 is an eye-melting music-arcade-puzzle game. Every aspect of the gameplay and graphics are tightly synchronized with the music. It features an original 30+ minute soundtrack by artist Trademark. As you gain points, the music gets faster, and the game gets harder. The whole experience puts you in a state of zen-like "flow", where time passes without notice. The mechanics are simple: move and rotate blocks to create groups of 2x2 or larger. When the sweeper passes, they will be vaporized. Its easy to learn, but can you get an Omega Combo? For true ninjas, 3-color mode provides an insane difficulty level. Whenever you get a high score, you are rewarded with an opportunity to use the hilarious random name generator. Good luck, "Salty Jack McSly."


For inquiries related to support in lumox 2, please contact